Sustainable Society

PLANET practices social engagement through education and culture-related activities and programs in order to give back to the society. At PLANET, employees are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities and care about others. By doing so, employees can experience the happiness in helping others and develop harmonious relationships with the local communities. The company focuses on and supports educational and cultural initiatives to improve the quality of human resources of the whole society. The company uses its core competence to integrate social resources. By effectively implementing social engagement, the company is able to exert its influence in a sustainable way.

PLANET’s Goal of Sustainable Society

PLANET’s goal of sustainable society is to build a society that is equal, inclusive and respects diversity. The company takes exerting long-term and substantive influence as the first priority, and has set short-, medium- and long-term goals. Over the years, the company has been supporting the fields such as education for disadvantaged children, culture and art education, life and health education, environmental education, etc., with the aim to help improve the quality of social manpower and drive the positive development of the society.

Established in August 2004, “PLANET Educational Charitable Trust” is the first public trust fund in Taiwan focusing on education support.

PLANET focuses on “education” issues and carries out educational and cultural promotion projects with the purpose of “promoting education and improving human quality”. PLANET integrates business management capabilities into the operation of these projects and establishes standard SOP for strategic and effective implementation. PLANET hopes to have long-term, substantial and positive impact on the society by doing these projects. Starting from Xindian district, New Taipei City, the operation of the trust has expanded to new Taipei City and Taipei City, sponsoring student education subsidies for many schools, academic researches of academic institutions and social, charity and cultural subsidies.

Projects of Social Participation in a Long Term
◾ Education for Disadvantaged Children

【Remedial Education/Psychological Counseling/Diversified Learning for Disadvantaged Children】
PLANET has been supporting the “Disadvantaged Children Remedial Education/Psychological Counseling/Diversified Learning” project since 2004, which provides remedial teaching, psychological counseling, emotional therapy and other activities to children with emotional and behavioral disorders. The project aims to help disadvantaged children lay a solid foundation for education, build sound character and improve potential problems. At the same time, PLANET conducts resource integration and system design in the spirit of business management. The company uses its corporate management capabilities to collaborate social resources such as school facilities, teachers, social education expert, community volunteers, enterprise volunteers, etc. to create a "resource network", which makes full use of the resources of the social groups to implement the "disadvantaged education" strategically.

In this educational program, SOPs have been used to standardize operating processes by integrating different operating modes in different schools so as to facilitate the unified operation of the program in a long-term, measurable and performance-evaluable manner. The program adopts the PDCA Cycle approach, which reviews and revises remedial education strategies every semester, proposes improvement policies, tracks results effectively, evaluates outcomes, and improves operations continuously. PLANET has been supporting this educational program for disadvantaged children in New Taipei City’s Xindian District, Sanxia District, Xizhi District, Shulin District and Taipei City’s Muzha area for 18 years from 2004 to 2022. Over the years, PLANET supported a total of 19 elementary schools, junior high schools and institutions through the program, A total of 10,391 disadvantaged children benefited from the remedial education and counseling, and 2,086 teachers and volunteers were sponsored by PLANET through development group activities.

Number of children benefited from “Disadvantaged Children Remedial Education/Psychological Counseling/Diversified Learning” project

Year 2020 2021 2022 2004~2022 Total
Number of institutions benefited 8 7 7 19
Number of children benefited 669 525 567 10,391
Number of teachers and volunteers trained 231 130 227 2,086
Total number of people sponsored 900 655 794 12,477

【Promoting Children’s Reading Habits in Rural Areas】
Since 2014, PLANET has been cooperating with Global Views – Commonwealth Publishing Group to implement the program of “Planting the seeds of reading: Give children a bright future”, sponsoring elementary schools and junior high schools in Pitou Township, Changhua County and its adjacent township areas. Every month, the program provides a magazine “Global Kids Monthly” for each class of Grade 1-3, and a “Global Kids Junior Monthly” for each class of Grade 4-9 every month, helping students develop their reading skills and broaden their international perspective through regular reading.

In 2022, PLANET sponsored 179 classes in 16 elementary schools and 1 junior high school with 2,148 magazines. Over the past 9 years, from 2014 to 2022, the Company has sponsored a total of 1,458 classes in 21 elementary schools and 1 junior high school with 17,496 magazines.

In 2021, Mr. Jack Chen, the chairman and CEO of PLANET, called on the entrepreneur models selected by the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association to support the program. 100 entrepreneur models from Taiwan and abroad responded with donations of more than 4,000 copies of children's magazines, benefiting more than 120,000 children in rural areas, and helping 460 schools in rural areas create a bright future.

◾ Promotion of Culture and Art Education

【Delivering the Good Songs to Schools】
PLANET is committed to inheritance of culture and art through education. Since 2004, the company has been supporting the Cantare Singers for 19 years, bringing famous Chinese and foreign songs, operas, traditional folk songs, campus songs and other good music works to young students and the public.

PLANET started to support the "Delivering the Good Songs to Schools" singing tour since 2006, but suspended the activity due to the epidemic. In 2023, as the epidemic gradually abated, the campus singing tour was resumed. The activity, encouraging interactive singing with students, is a combination of performance and teaching, and enables students to enjoy good music and songs at school, rather than the National Concert Hall. So far, more than 100 occasions of performance have been given to elementary schools, junior high schools, senior high schools and universities. This form of education, with singing and interactive educational games, allows students to learn various musical styles, which is like bringing the National Concert Hall to the campus, with both performance and cultural teaching functions.

【Cultivating Diversified Talents and Improving Cultural Literacy】
As a son of Pitou Township, Changhua County, Chairman and CEO Jack Chen has always held the idea of “being grateful to one’s origin” and the sense of responsibility to give back to his hometown. Since 2010, PLANET has sponsored the concert band of Pitou Junior High School for 13 years.

The sponsorship of the company aims to cultivate students' multi-talents and cultural literacy, thereby enhancing students' physical and mental health and self-confidence. The ensemble process of each piece of music helps students understand the importance of teamwork, thereby helping them to improve teamwork and team spirit. Charity performances and achievement have encouraged students to contribute to society and enhanced the community’s participation in the arts.

◾ Promotion of Environmental Education

【Climate Change Mitigation and Rehabilitation of Rice Fields “Clean air, Clear mind action】
Rice is the most important grain crop in Taiwan, however, every year, air pollution and GHG emissions caused by rice straw burning have a significant impact on the environment. In 2021, PLANET worked with International Nature Restoration Action Association ((INRAA) to promote the “Clean air, Clear mind action” program. Through the use of rice straw decomposing bacteria, the issues of air pollution and carbon emission caused by burning rice straws can be solved. In this project, PLANET coordinated with the INRAA and other enterprises, and combined the resources of the government to jointly exert a positive influence on the society. PLANET also shot a documentary film to record the whole process, which would influence more people in the society. The company has turned the “Clean air, Clear mind action” project into an internal environmental education program, and called on all circles of the society to promote this method and concept throughout Taiwan.

In 2022, 24 enterprises and 7 individuals adopted farms in Hualien and 53 enterprises and 4 individuals adopted farms in Changhua. With the assistance from the INRAA and the government, a total of 4,100 hectares of rice field was adopted, including 1,500 hectares in Hualien and 2,600 hectares in Changhua, reducing 36,900 metric tons of CO2e emission.

In November 2022, PLANET promoted green and sustainable food and agriculture education in Hualien and Changhua, respectively, including the subjects of land preservation and crop production growth, and brought caregivers into the field. Through these actions, the company integrates land, production, dining table, food and agriculture education and cultural inheritance into the “Clean air, Clear mind action” program.

Notes: Figures for calculation are taken from World Trade Organization, WTO, burning of one hectare of rice field generates 9 metric tons of CO2e.

◾ Promotion of Life and Health Education

【Elders’ Education and Singing Teaching Program】
The world’s population is aging at an increasing rate. PLANET has always been concerned about elders’ education. Since 2019, PLANET has supported the singing teaching program organized by Chibusch Elderly Health Association in Xindian District to help retired people to tackle the issue of loneliness. The company hopes that the elders can expand their interpersonal relationship through singing so as to avoid dementia. At the same time, the elders can express their emotions through singing so as to have a mental comfort and increase the funs in their retirement life.

Corporate Volunteers

PLANET adopts multiple ways to encourage employees’ participation in charity and volunteer events. By caring and learning more about people, PLANET’s employees can experience the joy of volunteering. Once they return to the workplace, they will be able to lead their colleagues to build a better team.

PLANET’s volunteer activities are called by the management, and employees can also call on their colleagues to be voluntary social workers. In 2022, the company’s volunteers provided a total of 312 hours of service.

As the COVID-19 epidemic prevention strategy is adjusted constantly, PLANET has used its limited time to support volunteer activities, with the aim to contribute to a better environment and society.

Year 2020 2021 2022 2011-2022 Total
Number of Volunteers (Attendances) 44 139 118 1,174
Total Hours of Volunteer Service (Hours) 243 416 312 3,070