Message from the Chairman & CEO

Adhering to the spirits of “altruism”, “mutual benefits”, “innovation” and “sustainability”, PLANET Technology has been specializing in international networking and communication markets for 30 years since establishment in 1993. Exported under its own brand “PLANET”, it occupies a key position among world-leading networking and communication brands. At the same time, PLANET achieves balanced development in all ESG aspects of corporate sustainability and keeps improving its ESG practice performance, expanding its social influence, and reinforcing its foundation of sustainable corporate development.

Forging a sustainable supply chain and striving for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050

PLANET, deeply committed to addressing climate change and advancing international sustainability efforts, actively pursues the goal of achieving "net-zero carbon emissions by 2050." To this end, it has developed a sustainable supply chain, implemented a robust carton management mechanism, and undertaken initiatives to measure and reduce its carbon inventory and footprint. It has passed the ISO 14064-1 GHG Inventory certification. Besides, PLANET has actively engaged in international sustainability initiatives, including participation in the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), the "4 per 1000" Initiative, and support for TCFD. Within its daily operations, the company encourages all employees to reduce carbon emissions with an innovative manner and technological measures. This dedication earned PLANET the "Bronze Medal" in the first “Let’s Go Green” Competition organized by the Ministry of Environment in 2023.

From corporate operation to environmental protection, PLANET drove the upstream and downstream partners to be dedicated to net-zero sustainability. Since 2010, PLANET has been advocating for the adoption of Pinglin organic tea plantations to safeguard water resources and ecology in the Taipei Metro Area, marking its 14th year of commitment. In a collective effort to foster a sustainable environment, PLANET has mobilized 202 enterprises and 175 individuals to participate in the "Clean Air, Clear Mind Action" program since 2022, which has led to 7,800 hectares of rice fields stop burning rice straw and a reduction of 70,200 metric tons of carbon emissions, equivalent to the carbon absorption of 5.84 million trees over a year. Furthermore, PLANET produced a micro film to documenting this endeavor and spreading the message of environmental sustainability through visual storytelling. The film was honored with the Silver Medal at the 2023 Taipei Golden Eagle Micro-movie Festival.

Leveraging social influence through talents cultivation, education and culture heritage

Prioritizing people, PLANET has established a DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) workplace, implementing comprehensive strategies for the sustainable development of talent, ensuring that all employees can pursue their careers comfortably and realize their full potential. Furthermore, PLANET supports employees and their families throughout the journey of childbirth and child-rearing by providing reassuring subsidies and benefits, from pregnancy to education. Through proactive care mechanisms and activities, the company promotes the holistic well-being of its employees, earning recognition as the top-ranking medium-sized enterprise with the "2023 CommonWealth Talent Sustainability Award" and receiving the "Family Friendly Workplace Award".

In the aspect of social participation, PLANET has been long specializing in issues related to education and culture. For two decades, it has championed the remedial education and psychological counseling for underprivileged children with emotional disturbances, providing essential support to disadvantaged youth. Additionally, for the past decade, PLANET has spearheaded the periodically reading program, aimed at enhancing reading proficiency and fostering a global perspective among rural children, thus nurturing motivation and self-confidence in autonomous learning for the next generation. At the same time, PLANET strongly supported innovation and heritage in terms of culture and arts. It has co-organized the “Delivering the Good Songs to Schools” action with others for 18 consecutive years, to inherit good Chinese and foreign art songs and folk songs. In recent years, PLANET has supported the OneSong Orchestra who spread Taiwan classic music to all over the world and the Contemporary Legend Culture and Arts Foundation who inherited traditional opera. It nurtured a new generation of artistic talents, harnessing their potential to drive social development, bolster Taiwan's soft power, and exert a lasting material influence on society.

For many years, PLANET has been putting ESG and sustainable development into practice in all aspects. Up to 2023, PLANET had ranked No. 1 among the medium-sized enterprises awarded with “Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility” for 3 consecutive years and had been listed in top 100 enterprises excellent in CSR for 17 consecutive years by the CommonWealth Magazine. Looking ahead, PLANET will keep improving its operational indicators and perfecting the ESG sustainability strategies and actions. It will also work with partners in the supply chain to co-build a long-term material sustainable influence and enhance its sustainability value.