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Long Reach PoE Networking

PLANET Long Reach PoE Solution consists of LRP Switches, LRP Injectors and LRP Extenders which allow your IP network infrastructure to be deployed flexibly anywhere at long range...

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Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure

PLANET Industrial Ethernet Solution is highly-reliable and secure to ensure continuous operation in harsh environments such as factories, outdoors, and places at extreme temperatures...

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Ensuring Mobility and Network Security with PLANET VPN Router Series

PLANET VPN Security Router Series provides exclusive advantages such as dual WAN load balancing and failover, cybersecurity, high availability, and SD-WAN, allowing users to deploy secure internet connections in both commercial and industrial environment. PLANET VPN Routers and Gateways support full VPN server capability, allowing users to have encrypted internet connections, and ensuring the safety of all data transmission between headquarters and branch offices.

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