Unique Flat-type Design

Perfect IP Network Deployment for Buildings and Factories
To facilitate the network deployment in any space-limited locations like wall enclosure or electric box found in buildings or outdoors, PLANET has developed its unique industrial Flat-type Ethernet design to cater to the demand for space-saving network transmission.

PLANET Flat-type Ethernet Switches and Routers nicely fit in with any network infrastructures given their compact size. They are best for all buildings and factories where harsh temperatures ranging from -20 to 70 degrees Celsius can be experienced. They can be installed by wall, DIN-rail or magnetic mounting. The Front Access design makes the installation, cable wiring, LED monitoring and maintenance very easy. The reinforced cybersecurity protection, rapid recovery function and high-speed data transmission reliably enhance the communication performance. PLANET Industrial Flat-type Ethernet Solution makes it easy to turn facilities into a network automation environment.

Featured designs of PLANET Flat-type Ethernet Solution: Space-saving, adaptable to harsh environment, flexible and reliable
Unique flat-type design with front access, magnetic installation, fiber connection and dual power
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