PLANET Awarded the 2024 Taiwan Excellence Award for Innovative Sustainable Networking Technologies

PLANET Technology, a global leading IP-based networking company, continues to develop innovative networking technology with sustainable values. Three new networking devices have received the 2024 Taiwan Excellence Awards: “802.3bt PoE++ Energy Collector”, “Industrial Modular-based Ethernet Chassis Switch” and “Enterprise-grade 10G Managed Media Converter Series”. Taiwan Excellence has awarded PLANET for 21 consecutive years for developing high-performance, secure and sustainable network infrastructures for AIoT and IoT smart applications.

802.3bt PoE++ Energy Collector (PFT-860AC)
Through the intelligent conversion system, the converted AC circuit is directly used with the utility energy, sustainably reducing wasted PoE power and carbon emissions. When paired with PLANET Renewable Energy PoE Managed Switch (BSP-360), it further enhances environmental sustainability by efficiently converting green energy for urban usage. With an integrated power-saving system in a compact size, it is able to detect PoE power up to 600 watts while simultaneously testing multiple devices to improve quality control for smart manufacturing.

Industrial Modular-based Ethernet Chassis Switch (IMS-6325-5)
The industry's first compact industrial 10-inch switch comes with high-speed transmission and PoE modules. Users are able to flexibly attach modules including 10Gbps fiber optic, 802.3bt 95W PoE, M12 military-grade shockproof ports and more. This allows the switch to change its ports when needed, making it highly adaptable to updates in the network infrastructure. The modular switch can effectively reduce electronic waste and carbon emissions with the ability to change and reuse modules, helping to efficiently deploy industrial IoT and AIoT network infrastructures.

Enterprise-grade 10G Managed Media Converter Series (XT-905A, XT-915A, XT-925A)
Designed for telecom, large enterprise and intelligent networks, it is the industry’s first Dual 10Gbps Fiber Optic Media Converter to provide high-bandwidth and long-distance transmission, allowing for more flexible implementation of FTTx networks by telecoms. The device is equipped with low-energy chips and real-time intelligent cloud management. By utilizing the PLANET CloudViewerPro app or the Universal Network Management System, users will be able to remotely manage the network, enabling a high-speed, secure and energy-saving FTTx network infrastructure.

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