PLANET Is Awarded First Place in the 2023 Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award for 3rd Consecutive Year

PLANET Technology, a global leading IP-based networking company, has received First Place in the SMBs category at the 2023 Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award, sponsored by CommonWealth Magazine, continuing to be recognized for the best practice in ESG and corporate sustainability for the third consecutive year.

Additionally, PLANET has also been honored with the ‘CommonWealth Talent Sustainability Award’ and ‘Family-Friendly Workplace Award’ this year.”

PLANET has received the Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award for 17 consecutive years, showing its continuous commitment to further enhancing the company’s sustainable developments in all aspects.

Building a Solid Foundation for Sustainable Governance
PLANET has ranked six times among the Top 5% of Outstanding Companies in Corporate Governance Evaluation. The company has made great improvements in risk management, achieving ISO 27001 and IEC 62443-4-1 security certifications. In addition, the company conducts supplier RBA audits, and formulates strategies in advance to address CBAM (carbon border adjustment mechanism) in order to strengthen sustainable governance and continual corporate operations. To improve sustainability information disclosure, PLANET has taken actions in accordance with SASB standards, released TCFD climate-related financial disclosure reports, and increased website interaction to optimize communication with stakeholders. These actions help to cultivate a better sustainable governance culture and provide a stable foundation for sustainable enterprise operation.

Turning the Climate Risk into Opportunity for Corporate Development
PLANET has implemented the “PLANET 2050 Net Zero Carbon Emissions Roadmap” which follows the PAS 2060 carbon neutrality standards to create short-, medium- and long-term goals for strategic carbon reduction. This roadmap has helped PLANET to lead the world in developing the Renewable Energy PoE Network Solution, building a sustainable supply chain, receiving ISO 14064-1 certification through third-party verification for reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory and becoming one of the first companies to adopt DHL GoGreen Plus Service to reduce carbon emissions via sustainable aviation fuel. PLANET also participates in international initiatives including the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the 4 per 1000 Initiative, TCFD support and more. All employees of PLANET are driven to innovate with environmental sustainability in mind with a focus on “Green Diet”, “Green Tourism”, “Green Commerce”, “Green Housing” and “Green Office”. PLANET was the first to be awarded by the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) in Taiwan in the “Let’s Go Green Competition”.

From enterprise operations to environmental protection, PLANET has brought together its suppliers and customers to move towards net zero. Since 2022, PLANET has called upon 202 companies and 175 individuals to join the “Clean Air, Clear Mind Action” program which has helped to stop the practice of rice stubble burning for a total of 7,800 hectares of rice fields, reducing 70,200 metric tons of CO2 emissions. To further bring environmental awareness, PLANET was awarded the Silver Medal at the 2023 Taipei Golden Eagle Micro-movie Festival for its first sustainability short film “Clean Air, Clear Mind Action”.

Healthy Workplace for Sustainable Talent Development
PLANET has implemented the DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) for a healthy workplace while cultivating key talents to help employees develop their careers. The company prohibits discrimination against staff members based on disabilities, age, marital status, etc. as over 50 percent of staff members in the company are women. For employees with children, PLANET provides subsidies and benefits, ranging from pregnancy and childbirth to education, ensuring the health of the employees and their families are taken care of. These continuous actions allow PLANET to receive many awards and recognitions from the government including the Sports Enterprise Certification, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems certification and the Taiwan Mittelstand for Workplace Friendliness. This year, the CommonWealth Magazine also awarded PLANET first place at the ‘Sustainable Employment Award’ and the honor of the ‘Family-friendly Workplace Award’.

Working Together to Create a Long-term Positive Influence on the Society
This year marks the 30th Anniversary of PLANET. The company will continue to bring its value of altruism, mutual benefit, innovation and sustainability to communities. With its involvement in education and cultural programs, PLANET has been promoting an “Educational Program for Disadvantaged Children” for 19 consecutive years, and for 10 consecutive years, it has promoted the program “Give Children a Bright Future” for schools in rural communities by providing monthly reading material to help students develop their reading ability and habits while expanding their global knowledge. “Send Good Songs to Schools” is a cultural and arts program PLANET has co-organized for 18 years to promote Chinese and foreign music. In recent years, PLANET has also supported the “OneSong Orchestra” which performs classic Taiwanese music around the world and the “Contemporary Cultural and Arts Foundation” to promote traditional operas. These measures aim to nurture a new generation of artists and bring positive influence to society.

The ‘Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award’ has been held for 17 years by CommonWealth Magazine, following international standards and trends, such as the UN SDGs, which include four major aspects: corporate governance, environmental sustainability, corporate commitment, and social participation, highlighting enterprises with the top ESG performances.

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