PLANET Technology Recognized as an ESG Benchmarking Enterprise

PLANET Technology Corporation, a global leading IP-based networking company, has been once again selected into Taiwan's "2021 Corporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Yearbook" and listed among Taiwan ESG Benchmarking Enterprises. It recognized PLANET Technology’s continuous effort on improving its ESG performance and being committed to the sustainable development of the company, even under the critical market challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide.

"2021 Corporate ESG Yearbook", formerly known as “CSR Yearbook”, is guided by the Taiwan Stock Exchange and Taipei Exchange (TPEx), and edited and published by Economic Daily News. In order to encourage companies to expand their participation and investment in sustainable development, the yearbook analyzes ESG trends and practices domestically and abroad. In addition to major events on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate governance development in Taiwan in 2021, the yearbook introduces 44 Taiwan benchmarking companies with excellent CSR actions and ESG performance. Since the yearbook was first published in 2015, PLANET has been selected for the fourth time this year as one of the benchmarking companies in Taiwan.

Responding to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN’s 2030 agenda, PLANET has closely linked its CSR strategy with international ESG trends and adhered to Taiwan’s "Corporate Governance 3.0 - Sustainable Development Roadmap (2021-2023)" to improve sustainable corporate governance, and strengthen risks control and continuous operations management of the company. At the same time, the company’s 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report has passed the third-party certification, improving information transparency. Hence, the company was honorably ranked in the top 5 percent among the TPEx listed companies in the 7th (2020) Corporate Governance Evaluation in Taiwan.

In response to climate change mitigation and adaptation, PLANET has set the goal to achieve Carbon Neutral and Net Zero by 2050. PLANET has invested in innovative research and development of green products in the ICT industry and continuously enhances the sustainable management of its supply chain. Since 2012, the company has launched the renewable energy network product and solution utilizing solar, wind, and hydro power for networks in remote areas such as national parks, natural ecological reserves, and off-grid medical stations to achieve independent, safe and convenient electricity consumption and reduce carbon emissions. Moreover, its latest innovative product "Renewable Energy Management Controller" has received accolades for sustainable design, honorably acknowledged at three major awards domestically and internationally in 2021, including the Taiwan Excellence Award, the Computex Best Choice Award, and the "International Innovation Awards" from Enterprise Asia.

In addition to using electricity generated from renewable energy and other methods to reduce carbon emissions, PLANET has recently involved in the "Taiwan Clean Air and Good Paddy Field Project" to promote the use of bacteria to decompose rice straws instead of burning them to help farmers implement a sustainable way to fertilize the farmland, and most importantly, reduce air pollutions. Additionally, PLANET has long invested in the protection of ecological and clean water sources in the Greater Taipei area with its adoption of the Pinglin organic tea farms since 2010. The planting area of organic tea farm in Pinglin has expanded from 1 hectare in 2010 to 55 hectares in 2020, protecting the Feitsui Reservoir in the downstream while its surrounding natural ecology continues to contribute to the clean water resources.

In order to realize an inclusive society, PLANET has created an equal and healthy workplace, ensuring that its employees can fully utilize their talents and career development. Employees’ and their families’ health are also taken care of through the creative ‘Health 360’ program which includes various health-related activities and benefits. For social engagement, PLANET has leveraged its expertise in corporate management and focused on educational issues. Since 2004, it has been implementing the remedial teaching and psychological counseling programs for disadvantaged children in learning. So far, nearly 10,000 children in the greater Taipei area have been supported through these programs and regained their motivation and self-confidence in learning and building a healthy character, thus helping to improve the human resource quality and to promote a win-win situation for family, school and the society.

Adhering to the spirit of altruism, PLANET has improved its business and ESG performance with long-term, strategic and innovative approaches. For 15 consecutive years since 2007, PLANET has been awarded the "Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award" by CommonWealth Magazine. Furthermore, it was selected as a benchmark company in the "2021 Corporate ESG Yearbook" for the fourth time. In the future, PLANET will continue to actively improve the performance of ESG practices and contribute to economic growth, environmental sustainability and social harmony, in line with SDGs, thus realizing the sustainable development of the enterprise.

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