PLANET Renewable Energy Management Controller Honored with ‘International Innovation Awards 2021’

PLANET Technology Corporation, a global leading IP-based networking company, has announced its innovative Renewable Energy Management Controller (NMS-360V) has been granted the International Innovation Awards 2021 under the Product category from Enterprise Asia. Integrated with natural power resource to realize low-carbon networking and communications in smart cities and remote areas, the NMS-360V has obtained the third professional recognition worldwide following the 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award and 2021 Best Choice Award under the Smart City category.

The ‘International Innovation Awards’ is organized by Enterprise Asia, Asia’s largest non-governmental organization for entrepreneurship, to create an innovation ecosystem for enterprises and to recognize outstanding innovations across the globe. In 2021, 52 winners stood out from the 260 applicants from various industries worldwide. The participants’ innovations had to undergo a rigorous evaluation process by a jury of prominent judges across three categories: Product, Service & Solution and Organization & Culture. PLANET Renewable Energy Management Controller (NMS-360V) was picked in the Product category for its unique technology of managing a remote network of renewable energy nodes, thus helping to reduce CO2 emissions in order to achieve a sustainable environment.

Designed for off-grid renewable energy applications in natural reserves or remote areas, PLANET Renewable Energy Management Controller (NMS-360V) is the world’s first controller that integrates green technology and exclusive intelligent PoE management functions. The NMS-360V can centrally manage a network of up to 512 PLANET BSP-360 Renewable Energy PoE Managed Switches and 2048 IP Cameras and Wireless APs from a central office, greatly boosting network and power management efficiency. As the power of the network infrastructure comes from renewable energy sources like solar power, wind power or hydro power, there is no need for utility power. Through one NMS-360V controlling over 512 BSP-360 units in a decade, for example, it would eliminate about 3516 tons of CO2 emissions, amounting to nearly 300,000 trees absorbing the CO2 emissions, thus limiting global warming and climate changes.

PLANET Renewable Energy Management Controller (NMS-360V) has accelerated the development of off-grid network establishment for smart cities, wide area networks, IoT, IIoT, and AIoT applications. The product provides user-friendly intuitive management dashboard and responsive web design to enable administrators to remotely monitor networks powered by solar or any other renewable energy system from anywhere via portable devices and to control the data transmission and power usage of connected PDs. Furthermore, with its cybersecurity, HTTPS, TLS, and user-defined access policy, the security of the network and client information is ensured. Hence, the NMS-360V can also be the best solution to establish remote medical center networks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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