PLANET Awarded Taiwan Mittelstand for Workplace Friendliness

PLANET Technology, a global leading IP-based networking company, was among the 60 potential Taiwan Mittelstand companies selected by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) of Taiwan, R.O.C. this year to have honorably received “the 5th Taiwan Mittelstand for Workplace Friendliness”, based on friendly working environment and equal employment opportunity, regardless of gender, age or education. PLANET, an innovator of networking and communications products exported under the brand name of “PLANET” to over 140 countries in the world, stood out from the competitive crowd numbering 125.

In response to the Gender Equality Policy by the Executive Yuan (Parliament) of Taiwan, R.O.C., the MOEA chose, among the 60 potential Taiwan Mittelstand companies, the best 4 companies that have achieved the workplace friendliness and implemented gender equality in order to encourage the industries to focus on the practice of CSR. As a result, PLANET was awarded the “Taiwan Mittelstand Award for Workplace Friendliness” for its achievement of treating its employees with equal employment opportunities and programs to improve its employees’ health and work-life balance.

Besides its core business in developing innovative networking and communications products, PLANET keeps CSR as part of its business scheme; therefore, the company strives to provide its employees with a healthy and happy working place. It’s the company’s policy for every employee to have the opportunity to grow with PLANET, regardless of age, gender or education, making PLANET a sustainable player on the international scene. The company’s designated committee has formulated a sexual harassment act to protect the rights of victims, if any. In addition, by cooperating with Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, PLANET provides a comprehensive health program that includes illness prevention and healthcare consulting for its employees. Moreover, PLANET has come up with various activities such as the so-called “Meatless Tuesday” and “Stretch Thursday”, flexible working hours, employee emergency support, and employees’ children’s education and child care subsidies, thus helping its employees to well develop careers in the company as well as achieving work-life balance.

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