PLANET’s Innovative Networking Solutions Win “2016 Taiwan Excellence Award”

PLANET Technology Corporation, a global leading IP-based networking company, announced that it has won the “2016 Taiwan Excellence Award” for its three innovative solutions and products of networking and communications — Smart Cloud Home Automation with VoIP Solution, Long Reach PoE/PoC Solution, and 16-port Ultra PoE Managed Gigabit Switch (GS-4210-16UP4C).

All the three solutions and products stood out from this year’s fierce competition where 1,180 other products were also in competition, demonstrating PLANET’s strengths in global brand marketing, and R&D capabilities on networking and communications technology. By receiving the Taiwan Excellence Award for the 13th consecutive year, it also exhibits that PLANET is able to continually provide innovative networking solutions and products with green-design, user-friendliness, and environment-friendliness features for versatile network applications.

Smart Cloud Home Automation with VoIP Solution

PLANET’s Smart Cloud Home Automation with VoIP Solution is designed to bring out the IoT applications in homes, communities, hotels/resorts, buildings, etc. PLANET is among the first to integrate its PoE IP Door Phone with SIP technology in a home network, thus making it Smart Cloud Home Automation equipment where two-way video communication between visitors at the front door and security guard or home owner become convenient and secure. When you are away from home, Cloud Bell app can help you to monitor all events happening in the front door area of your home, including control over door lock.

Through the complete cloud home system and database of this solution, home users can monitor and analyze the usages of all electronic equipment at home and receive the latest alert notices, thus further enhancing home security and energy saving. The products of PLANET Smart Cloud Home Automation with VoIP solution include Z-Wave Plus Home Automation Control Gateway, 10-inch Touch Screen Home Automation Controller, 720p SIP Door Phone with PoE, and Z-Wave devices. The solution enables home users to manage and control all Z-Wave Plus IP devices anytime, anywhere, making your home a smart and secure one.

Long Reach PoE/PoC Solution

Designed for upgrading the traditional CCTV surveillance system to IP surveillance system over the existing cables, PLANET Long Reach PoE/PoC Solution (LRP Solution) is perfect for deployments in wide-ranging environments, such as tunnels, highway systems, hypermarkets, department stores, large parking lots, residential communities, factories and more. This innovative solution can extend IP Ethernet transmission and inject power simultaneously over any existing coaxial, UTP, twisted-pair cable or telephone wires for distance up to 1,000m into PoE IP camera, PoE wireless AP and any 802.3af/at complied powered device (PD). Accordingly, it eliminates the need for an additional power supply for remote sites when the existing single power source enables to provide power to both Long Reach PoE extenders and the PDs at long range.

PLANET LRP Solution also features point to point and point to multipoint advanced L2/L4 networking management and unique PoE intelligent energy-saving functions like PD alive check, scheduled power recycling, over temperature protection, and time-based PoE schedule to improve the availability of critical business applications and help companies to save power and money.

The products of PLANET Long Reach PoE/PoC Solution include Industrial-grade and Multi-port LRP Switches with intelligent PoE management, Single-port LRP Injectors and Splitters that can efficiently extend the deployment of long reach networks for all establishments and industries.

16-port Ultra PoE Managed Gigabit Switch (GS-4210-16UP4C)

To address the high power consumption of the speed dome IP camera and the POS system, PLANET innovatively developed the GS-4210-16UP4C as the first 16-port 60-watt ultra PoE managed switch compliant with the latest international IEEE 802.3bt standard. It is integrated with such intelligent PoE management functions as PD alive check, scheduled power recycling, PoE schedule and over temperature protection for manager to centralize all powered devices to enhance the efficient management of powered devices in the network.

The GS-4210-16UP4C also features L2/L4 management functions and dual independent power system for PoE usages, and switch operating system to ensure the system operates normally. Thus, the GS-4210-16UP4C is the best solution for retailers, restaurants, hospitals, banks, enterprises, buildings, industries, and more where both power and data transmission can be stably had.

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