PLANET Technology wins 2013 Taiwan Excellence Award

PLANET Technology Corporation, the global leading IP-based networking company, today announced that six of its high-end products were honored “2013 Taiwan Excellence Award” which the outcome is record-breaking since our first participation in 2004. With features of innovation, user-friendliness, and environmentally-friendliness, our products stand out from this year’s fierce competition among 1,221 registered ones. The award-winning products covering Telecom grade, Industrial grade and Commercial applications are:

• 24-Port Gigabit Fiber + 4-Port 10G Fiber L2/L4 Managed Metro Ethernet Switch (MGSW-28240F)
• Industrial Solar Power PoE Switch (BSP-300)
• Industrial 802.11n Wireless Access Point with 4-Port Power over Ethernet Switch (IAP-2000PS)
• 8-Port Gigabit 802.3at PoE Desktop Switch with full PoE power budget (GSD-808HP2)
• Gigabit SSL VPN Security Router (SG-4800)
• 4-Ch Network Video Recorder with HDMI (NVR-420)

Industrial Solar Power PoE Switch (BSP-300)
Enhancing the integration of green energy with the PoE technology, PLANET BSP-300 is innovatively upgraded from Gigabit Solar Power System BSP-400, one of PLANET’s award-winning products at “2012 Taiwan Excellence Award”. With the groundbreaking technique, the BSP-300 can utilize solar power and empower high power PoE network devices, such as outdoor wireless access point and IP cameras, via its Dual IEEE802.3at / 802.3af PoE compliant interface without any obstacles of geographical barrier. Moreover, its light-weight size even ensures its accessibility to various harsh, exposed environments like forests and highway. Consequently, the BSP-300 can be widely applied for remote and long distance network transmission and security monitoring purposes.

Industrial 802.11n Wireless Access Point with 4-Port Power over Ethernet Switch (IAP-2000PS)
PLANET IAP-2000PS exclusively integrates Wi-Fi and PoE technologies for Industrial network applications. The IAP-2000PS not only provides 300Mbps wireless transmission but also enables data and power transmitting simultaneously by each port of its 4-Port IEEE 802.3af PoE injector interface. Particularly, by high industrial-standard, the IAP-2000PS is designed with the IP30 aluminum rugged chassis, functioned for wide operating temperature under -10 ~ 60 Degree C environments, and its dual power redundancy guarantees the operating consistency. Certainly, the IAP-2000PS satisfies the needs of wireless networking and high-speed data transmission in any harden environments.

8-Port Gigabit 802.3at PoE Desktop Switch with full PoE power budget (GSD-808HP2)
PLANET GSD-808HP2 is currently the pioneer design with only 13 inch desktop sized high power PoE Switch and can be flexibly deployed under different networking environments such as government, campus, office, or hotel. Furthermore, the avant-garde, user-friendly design of PoE power and operating temperature detection display supports to stabilize the data transmission and thus extend the durability. What further made the GSD-808HP2 outshine from other peers is that it can function well in temperatures ranging from 0~50 Degree C, exhibiting greater heat-resistant ability which can withstand even more than 10 Degree C, compared with similar competitors. Without doubt, such imbedded quality is perfect for high-temp network environment such as server room and data center.

Gigabit SSL VPN Security Router (SG-4800)
The SG-4800 is an ideal solution to help SMBs under 300 users to enhance the broadband network performance and security. It integrates the newly IPv6 Dual Stack as well as internal load balancing capabilities to provide customers stable network compatibility. In addition, the SG-4800 integrates a complete security solution in one box providing the policy-based firewall, content filtering function and VPN connectivity. The mobile business users can then access to their enterprise intranet without worrying about intentional intrusion or attacks.

4-Ch Network Video Recorder with HDMI (NVR-420)
The NVR-420 is especially designed to enable easy HD surveillance in small scale areas such as home, SOHO, SMB and retail stores. The NVR-420 supports HDMI interface that allows users directly connect it to a HDMI capable HDTV / monitor for surveillance monitoring. It also provides Auto Configuration which can automatically search and find the available cameras on the network and ease the surveillance network management. Furthermore, the NVR-420 supports iOS and Android APPs to greatly help users conveniently monitor the surveillance anytime, anywhere.

24-Port Gigabit Fiber + 4-Port 10G Fiber L2/L4 Managed Metro Ethernet Switch (MGSW-28240F)
It is the best solution for metropolitan network construction and providing secure and stable transmission. PLANET MGSW-28240F features 10Gbps fiber and Ethernet interface, dual Power Redundant system and IPv6 web management in a rugged 19 inch/ 1U strong case, which is only half size as other similar products in market, creating much flexibility in installation. Moreover, its unique front access design involving all the functions in one interface even greatly improves the convenience to network deployment and maintenance.

Arranged by TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council) and authorized by the Ministry of Economics Affairs (MOEA) of the R.O.C. government, “2013 Taiwan Excellence Award” was the most prestigious recognition for innovative products made in Taiwan successfully highlighted in ‘R&D and product innovation’, ‘unique design’, ‘excellent quality’, and ‘global marketing and brand awareness”. PLANET has long been dedicated to innovations on networking and communication equipments and is again acknowledged. Undoubtedly, the award truly exhibits PLANET’s strengths in product innovation with environment-friendly design, and global brand marketing.

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