PLANET’s Honored to Ranked First Again in “2012 Excellence in CSR Award”

PLANET Technology is awarded First Prize in the “2012 Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award” by the CommonWealth Magazine, one of the most prestigious business media in Taiwan. This recognizes PLANET’s outstanding execution in CSR in aspects including Corporate Governance, Corporate Commitment, Social Participation and Environmental Protection. It has consecutively received this award since 2007. In fact, it was ranked No. 1 in recent two years under the category of Medium-sized Enterprises, selected among nearly 2,000 publicly listed companies in Taiwan.

PLANET has always been devoted to business growth by product innovation and global branding as well as continued its effort in CSR:

On Corporate Governance, PLANET emphasizes corporate integrity. It established Risk Management Committee and Salary & Compensation Committee in 2011 and has received "A" ranking in “Information Transparency and Disclosure Ranking System” since 2009. Through years of dedication in improving corporate governance, PLANET honorably passed the “Corporate Governance System Evaluation Certification” for the third consecutive time in 2012.

On Corporate Commitment, PLANET provides a friendly and happy working environment. It initiated various programs and activities including cloud-based e-learning platform, education allowance for employee’s children, employee health care plan, and innovation incentive program. It also encourages employees to participate in social services and supports work-life balance. Though such effort, PLANET was able to develop a corporate culture that values CSR.

On Social Participation, PLANET has been devoted in Educational Program for Disadvantaged Children, with institutionalized “Standard of Procedure” for evaluating the effectiveness of the program. It also played the role of integrating different resources to maximize the positive impacts for the students, the school and the families. This is to ensure that disadvantaged children are not isolated and receive proper education such that they will be able to contribute to the society when they grow up. In addition, PLANET started “Angel of the Night” program that provides after-school care for urban aboriginal students this year. Our employees enthusiastically volunteered to accompany aboriginal students care during off-work hours, putting social service into practice.

On Environmental Protection, PLANET is dedicated to develop environmental-friendly products catering to the green technology trend. On the other hand, it motivates employees to keep in mind environmental protection in daily life. Furthermore, it subsidizes organic tea farms to protect water sources, participates on International Coastal Cleanup to protect marine environment, and assists in trash sorting for better recycling and waste prevention.

The “Excellence in CSR Award” organized by the CommonWealth Magazine is one of the most comprehensive indexes on CSR. It is benchmarked to international standards including the UN Global Compact, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes. This award is not only an evidence of PLANET outstanding dedication on CSR but it also makes PLANET a role model in serving the society.

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