PLANET Technology awarded “Excellent Corporate in CSR”

PLANET Technology was awarded “Excellent Corporate Award” under the “Social Responsibility” category by New Taipei City Government, Taiwan. PLANET has continued demonstrated its effort in corporate social responsibility, being previously recognized by the CommonWealth Magazine and the Global Views Monthly Magazine.

The “Excellent Corporate Award” was held for the first time by the New Taipei City Government. It aims to encourage corporates to promote social responsibility in areas of environmental protection, public safety as well as social welfare. It is to honor corporates which have been deeply involved in the communities and contribute greatly to the economic and industrial development. PLANET was recognized for its long-lasting effort in children’s education – its core CSR initiative.

PLANET started out the children’s education from Xindian District of New Taipei City, where it is headquartered. It provides counseling and tutoring service to vulnerable children with an institutionalized approach in which PLANET utilized its business know-how and integrated resource from the schools, education professionals along with corporate volunteers. By systematically duplicating its management experience and execution model, it was successful in promoting these programs which are deeply rooted in elementary schools in New Taipei City.

In addition to our contribution to children’s education, PLANET values strongly corporate governance, environmental protection, green innovation, customer/employee satisfaction, supply chain management and shareholder rights, all of which are important elements of our CRS initiatives. PLANET also encourages its employees to put CSR into daily practice from subsidizing organic tea farms and assisting in trash sorting for better recycling and environment cleanups.

CSR has been incorporated into PLANET’s corporate strategy as the company emphasizes not only the development of its own, but also its employees and the society as a whole. PLANET is honored to share its CSR experience and hopes that its effort in enhancing community will be inspiring and drive more participation from more corporates to create more significant positive impact.

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