PLANET Technology is nominated as one of the six finalists for the 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Award by the Global Views Monthly Magazine under the Education Promotion category.

PLANET once again participated in the 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Award by the Global Views Monthly Magazine, along with many well-established domestic and foreign companies from different sectors. On the basis of presenting innovative CSR programs, PLANET was selected as the top six finalists under the Education Promotion category. The other five finalists are Taiwan Mobile, Sony, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Citibank (the latter four are top 500 corporate globally). This demonstrated our consistent effort in putting resources to drive CSR innovation and execution.

PLANET was selected on the basis of providing educational and psychological counseling for disadvantaged children in the past six years. Our program includes providing after-school tutoring on academic works, emotional control sessions as well as assistance in their personal, school and family problems. Through allowing these professional counseling to enter the schools, PLANET is pleased that we were able to become a great source of help to these disadvantaged children. We were able to apply our corporate management capabilities and to integrate resources from the company, the schools as well as society. By replicating our management experience and execution model, we were successful in promoting these programs and creating value to result in a win-win situation for the schools, the families and the society as a whole.

PLANET has always viewed CSR as one of the core management value and believes that it is our responsibility to have strong fundamentals on business aspects of the firm and to create value to the society through CSR. In addition to our programs to help the disadvantaged children, we also placed emphasis on corporate governance, environmental protection, green product development, customer/employee satisfaction, supply chain management and shareholder rights. It is PLANET’s commitment that we will continue to bring values to our society in many ways.

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