Corporate Commitment

At PLANET, we value the employee and their dedication to the company. Not just being working, employees can develop their careers through learning and creating values at the company. PLANET put emphasis on employee training, their rights and benefits, safety and health. It initiated various programs and activities including cloud-based e-learning platform, education allowance for employee’s children, employee health care plan, and innovation incentive program. It also encourages employees to participate in social services and supports work-life balance. Through the above, it helped elevating quality of our human resources and enhancing corporate competitiveness.

Sustainable Human Resources Development

Developing the potential of the employees to enhance value

Training Categories Courses
Core Competence Training Teamwork, Execution, Innovation
Management Training Leadership, Performance / Risk Management
Professional Training (Specialization) R&D Project Management, Sales Skills
General Training Time Management, EQ Management, Document Management, Safety in Workplace
Compensation and Benefits
  • Labor health insurance, group Insurance, yearly employee health checks
  • Performance-related pay and bonus, birthday bonus, holiday bonus, subsidy for wedding, funeral, children’s education or emergency use
  • Employee group travel, club and sport activities
  • Offers options of maternity leave, volunteer leave and aboriginal leave
  • Regulations governing employee retirement and savings packages
Caring for Employee Health in All Ways

Maintaining good psychological and physical health of employee to improve productivity

【Be Happy】

Psychological health program / counseling, Pressure Diagnosis

【Be Cultured】

Arts clubs / activities

【Be Athletic】

Sports clubs / activities

【Be Healthy】

Health check-up, Family physician counseling

【Be Long-Lived!】

Organic foods classes, office exercises, knowledge sharing

Employee Care

Balancing Work and Life

  • Education allowance for employee’s children
  • Emergency assistance to employee
  • Flexible working hours
  • Mental counseling care
Healthy, Safe and Gender Equality Workplace

Maintaining employees safety and gender equality in the workplace

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications
  • Labor safety and health lectures
  • Emergency/disaster management system like regular checks of fire safety equipment, fire safety and evacuation exercises
  • Implementation of environmental and safety code
  • Yearly employee health checks
  • Smoke-free workplace
  • Cares for the employment equality of its employees, regardless of gender, age or education.
  • PLANET is the first company in Taiwan to be awarded the “Taiwan Mittelstand Award for Gender Equality”
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